Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This is so true is so many instances, I live in the country and I love each morning hearing the birds and looking out my back door to nothing but trees and woods. My daughter however is a city girl, she can only stay with me a short time and she gets homesick for the sounds of the city. When I visit her all I ever hear is sirens, traffic noise, and people noise. Last week my daughter and I went shopping and I love to shop in antique stores, she is absolutely not a antique kind of person. She ask me why would you want something someone else has owned and used. Each antique I own has a story,even if they are a lie. The best way to sell me an antique is tell me a story about the piece and then I want to own the story and the piece. During our shopping trip last week I bought a old painting on wood. The painting is a English hunting scene complete with the hunting dog. It is a time long forgotten but alive in this painting. Shop the antique stores and find lots of wonderful things.

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