Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vereen Garden's

If you happen to find yourself in the Carolina's, I would like to suggest a most wonderful place to visit.

Vereen Memoral Gardens, on the border of North & South Carolina in the Little River/Calabash area is the place to go.

It is a lovely spot. Numerous trails that take you over swashes, walkways to the waterway, & thousands of azeala's, (which are blooming right now), and the fresh air, the faint smell of flowers, and friendly folks with their pets, make it a most pleasant adventure.

I have only discovered this lovely garden having owned by little farm in NC for over ten years, I have decided I need to get out more in my own neighborhood. As my name Beachbumm indicates I love walking on the beach, sitting on the beach reading a book but it gets to hot to take "Kendall" (my Pek) to the beach. But this new find, Vereen Garden's, has brought such happiness to both of us. We are now regulars for the last four weeks, we even know the names of some of the other dogs that visit regularly. Life is good in the Carolina's.....

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